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About GreenSpace

We, GREEN SPACE MINERALS LLP, are a team of dedicated, experienced professionals with a long standing business expertise, for over four decades. We also have experience in industrial manufacturing.

We deal in agro products like rice, lentils, grains, barley, refined sunflower oil, animal feeds. milk powder, and such other products. We work with our associate firms having long standing in the business.

We also act as mandate agents for procuring quality products for our clients at very competitive prices.in procuring minerals, ores, gypsum, raw cashew nuts, cashew kernels, and any other products as required by our clients.

Our clients give us mandates with their LOI and and we get the FCO and take the matter further. We have direct contacts with the mills, manufacturers, miners, worldwide exporters/importers, for procurement of quality products for our clients both for procurement and exports. Our Partner Info:
1. Mr. K. N. Bhat , CEO
2. Mrs. Nirmala K. Bhat
3. Mr. Sunil K. Bhat
Our firm registration No: AAD-6016 Dated 28-3-2015. We are also registered under various other laws as required.

Finally, we wish to state that you have come to the right place where you can be assured of fair, transparent and clean dealings.

Greenspace Minerals