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Working Procedure for Shipment

A. Buyer sends LOI signed and sealed.Seller Sends the FCO along with Test report.

B. Seller and Buyer shares KYC of respective Company and parties involved.

C. Once acceptance of Price and Quality,the Buyer sends a PO with Draft L/C.

D. Seller and Sales Purchase Agreement (SPA) duly signed and sealed.Buyer confirms the terms of the SPA by Authorized seal and signature.

E. Buyer can visit the site or through his agent to acertain the quality and quantity.

F. Seller Sends Performa Invoice for the total consignment value.
Buyers signs and seals the same and returns through mail and opens Irrevocable,Confirmed,Operative,Non-transferable 100% sight L/C within 2 working days from the date of SPA,from Top 10 Banks.

G. Seller makes arrangement for the shipment on L/C confirmation.

H. Seller shall share all documents and BL of the shipment timely.

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